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How do I get it?

Two ways to get it

PrioritySpend is an extension to the popular open-source website development tool called Joomla!

  1. If you or your organisation already have a Joomla!-deployed website, then your best option is to download a copy of the PrioritySpend component, install it on your site and configure your poll.
  2. Otherwise, your poll can be hosted here at Contact me to get started.

Configuring PrioritySpend requires no programming expertise. A control panel of configuration options is available to tailor your poll appropriately to your decision-making context. Helpful instructions and hints are provided.

PrioritySpend is created by Ron Lubensky, who can be consulted to design your poll for you, if you prefer.


How much does it cost?

The PrioritySpend component can be downloaded for free.

I have invested a great deal of time to develop and test it. And there is always a need to spend more time to improve it. This isn't my 'day job' either!

If your project is well-funded and your poll affects many people, please consider providing a donation. Click the donation link to PayPal.

I have two young daughters. They like me to play with them and take them places. I love them dearly, and it isn't great when they have to put up with me endlessly hanging over my laptop. But if a problem arises and you need some advice, I'll be onto it as quickly as I can.

If I can receive the odd donation and apply it directly to something my daughters like, then they may forgive me. I can tell them that the work I do helps people solve problems, work together better and plan a future that everyone can live with. Your donation provides direct evidence that my effort is worthwhile.

Consider making a donation based on each significant funded poll deployment.

if your poll attracts more than: please donate:
50 submissions $10
500 submissions $25

I thank you in advance for your generosity.



Download PrioritySpend

For Joomla! 1.5: Download PrioritySpend version 1.1.0

Download PrioritySpend

For Joomla! 2.5: Download PrioritySpend version 2.0.3 (beta)

Download PrioritySpend


Hosting and consulting

During the alpha release phase, all fees are waived!


If you want to host your poll, there will be a AU$50 establishment fee. This will help cover the costs I pay my ISP. It will also cover my time in setting up the navigation to your area of the site and provision of a client login account, so you can get in and configure your poll. Contact me to get started.


If you want me to work with you to design your poll, please contact me. For a typical set-up that includes entry of option item text, the cost will be AU$100.


PayPal Donation

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