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Example Poll: Library Gift

This fictitious example demonstrates some of the features of PrioritySpend. It also models how PrioritySpend can be integrated into your own website.

Every poll starts with a story. Try to imagine this one:

You live in a town with a public library that is partially-funded by grants and donations. Mrs Rosemary Smart, a devoted supporter and user of the library, recently passed away and bestowed a gift of $25,000 to the library.

The Library Committee brainstormed ideas about how the money could best be spent, and accepted public submissions. They short-listed options which are operationally feasible, and determined that the library has the administrative capacity to manage up to two of them as projects.

Now it's your turn to decide which of these projects should go ahead. Review the options, leave comments or visit the online forum about the poll, then complete the poll to recommend which options should proceed.

Although not recommended for a real poll while it's still open, you can also view the results.

[photo credit: jessamyn on FlickR under Creative Commons share alike licence]

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1 Internet access guidance
2 Increased Internet access
3 Courtyard redevelopment
4 More talking books
5 Public meeting room
6 Children's reading area
7 Automatic front door
8 Librarianship bursary

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